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Queen of Kats: The Complete Saga

Thank you FalStaff books for publishing another great John G. Hartness novel! I know he had to sell himself pretty hard to get his book out there. ;)

Besides the various typos here and there throughout the book, I really enjoyed the expanding plot of this story. One minute you are following an already intricate plot line, and the next minute you are on a side plot that only strengthens the first one, but can sometimes leave the reader confused. Some of those confusing moments feel like "fluff" spots when reading, but at the end of the book, the final scenes tie those loose adventures all together and everything makes sense. Lesson? Keep reading, it gets better!!

I admire John's ability to write such intricate stories and weave every moment to have meaning or a connection to something later on. The book is split up into three parts, which means that the beginning of each part can sound a bit repetitive to the reader reading the book as whole like I was. Being reminded of what's happening in the character's lives and who is who and what is what (especially the talking dagger, Trand) can turn a reader off, but I persevered because I absolutely love these characters! Another aspect of John's writing that I took notes from as a young writer myself was his ability to create engaging and coherent dialogue. I knew who was talking without being told who said what. His word choice, tone and verse all blended together perfectly to create the scene like I was there myself engaging in what each character said.

I highly recommend sitting down with a cup of tea and a blanket as you soar across roof tops, avoid flying daggers, and disrupting brothels on this fantastical adventure!

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Hope you enjoyed this review! Stay tuned for my next review as I pick up another book off my shelf! If you have a book you'd like me to review, please comment below and I will add it to my stash! :)

Thanks for reading!

M. J. Riley

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